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Um. Duh.



How? How have I not read this till now? I mean, I knew enough about it to buy ten copies for my classroom. It has been sitting on my bed stand, taunting me, for weeks, months. This copy even has a coffe stain on the front cover already, from that week it sat on my desk at work.

But now, now I am just done with chapter one, and it is like everything I ever need to read about writing is there. Oh the discovery, of words you need to read . . .it is what makes me want to write, more, everyday, and better.

Even if that means working through the heartbreak of writer’s block and typing words that are painful to convey through that damn blinking cursor.

Oh, hey, how you doin’ – or – summer to-do list.


Yah that was supposed to sound like Joey – yah, the one from Friends. Yah, I haven’t written in two months.  Yah, I’m not sure what I had to say or not say. But here I am writing again. Making a list, because, well, you have to break the writers block some way, and well, I like lists. . . a lot . . like a whole lot.

Summer To-Do

Yah, that should do for today.