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From Gram, January 8, 1945


A letter to her sister. Thinking about Gram as a twenty year-old woman is hard. I get this image but she always has grey hair. That every image of her from that time is the obvious black and white, doesn’t help. You can tell in the pictures of her as a peanut sized person with her twin brother, that she is so blonde, but in my head grey hair always. At lunch, after Pop’s funeral, one of my Dad’s first cousins pulled me aside. Read the rest of this entry

About my Grammy-


This week Grammy would have turned eighty-eight.  If you know anything about me, you know I loved my Gram with all that I had. When she moved into Pop’s house a few years back – my childhood room, became hers.  On Memorial Day weekend, I sat in our room, that was now a mix of both of us- her bed, my shelves- her pictures, my teenage scrawl still tucked in the closet.   Read the rest of this entry