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High Fidelity


Dear readers,
I love lists, but if you’ve spent even a little bit of time here — you know this. This time of year though – well the whole damn world likes to make lists.  Lists of the things they should do, lists of the things they’ve done – lists of things they should have done. Or maybe they are making lists of books they would like to read, places they would like to go, bands they need to check out, restaurants they would like to eat at.  And really, when I say the whole damn world, I actually mean me.

In High Fidelity, the book then movie about a record store clerk,  played on the screen by my favorite awkward protagonist, John Cusack, the main character makes lists throughout – about everything – and I love it so,  I do. I mean, I would anyway, it’s by Nick Hornby — and music, and the awkwardness of love unrequited, or ill-timed- And I’m not sure really, why any of this is important, except – if you haven’t read the book, or seen the movie, and you like such things– put it on your to-do list.

And I guess, speaking of top-fives, I got my year-end blog report — and it turns out, I’ve been writing.  I mean not as much as I wrote in 2010, but certainly more than I wrote in 2011 – and in related news, you all have been reading – these days there are even some of you, I have never met, who have no personal obligation to read my work- just turns out you like what I have to say.

And okay, before I give you a Sally Fields’esque speech about how you really, really, like me– maybe I will just give you a top five list of this year’s most popular posts.

5.  I spent the better part of October 14th watching Felix Baumgartner ascend to the stratosphere  and jump out of  his capsule. It was one of the coolest things I have ever watched live- and while America wasn’t huddled around their collective tv’s – a record number of us, 8 million in fact, were all watching live, from places around the globe on YouTube.  Say what you will about our collective consciousness being dumbed down in this Google era – that day, 8 million screens were focused on a guy doing something, just because he wanted to go further, higher, and faster.  And that day, we all wanted to watch him succeed.  It’s those kinds of human moments that Make me want to write poems – A Man Jumped Out of the Sky Today.

4.  While I may have written a little less about Kai and Keegan that I have in the past – I feel like I did write a whole lot about parenting this year. Going to be honest, I am, and always have been, a  bit snarky, and a bit hard-edged when it comes to the myth of the good mommy. I’m not sure who created, I think Pinterest is probably perpetuating it – and certainly, I would like to quash it – and not it ever-ever let another mother feel like she isn’t good enough – with that all said I wrote this – Give me my ‘A’ in Scarlet – and you liked the hell out of it.

3. I’m not sure why this one got so much of your reading – but it did – I wondering if it because I was talking about drugs.  That is ADHD drugs – and my dealing with the shortage of last winter.  I tend to use this place to just say all the crap I’m thinking in some kind of reasonable order — maybe you like that about me.  A completely random and assorted list of the crap I am thinking about right now.

2. and 1.  You like me – I imagine had your heart-broken two weeks ago by the events in Sandy Hook. And I imagine like me, you were just trying to make sense out of it. I assure you, there is no sense to be made. There is no reason- there will be no logic to be uncovered.  But when I wanted to write heavy-hearted lines, you grieved a long with me –  and perhaps like me you prefer to channel that grief in to anger  – and so you did- so many of you- while I got really, really, angry and I again – interrupt your regularly scheduled good-will, with Moral Fucking Outrage

May I end though, on the last day of this year,  just thanking you, for reading. That you read what I write, will always mean more than you can possibly  know.

May your new year, bring you all that you want and need –
with much love,

The ones that burn too bright


Writing and reading and listening — and trying to decipher meaning  in a half of day of quiet in my house.  Came upon this piece. . . again. . . that I had almost forgot about – But as another pop star burns out her candle- I was thinking about how our limitless consumption of media right now (she says whilst in the midst of limitless consumption) is constanly changing our discourse on ourselves, and our communities — and the world around us.  The revolution will be televised, and then YouTubed, and reblogged, and chopped up in to tiny bits of edible sound bites.  And like JaySmooth, I wonder what this means for the tiny people we teach, and parent, and nurture – what this fully televised world will hold for them.