A Man Jumped Out of the Sky Today


A man jumped out of the sky today,
and I can barely stop perseverating long enough,
to write my next line.

He said, “sometimes you have to be up really high,
to see how small you are”,
but god, if I don’t know that everyday.

I used to be unafraid of everything,
and now I can barely get my teacher self-assessment written,
without fearing I’ve done something wrong.

The man who jumped out of the sky today
put this jump on hold, because when they started
to line him with protective suits and helmets,
he felt so encumbered, and covered,
that he began to panic-
great waves of attack.

Is that our problem, and by ours,
I mean mine.  Too many layers
covering me up, so hard to breathe
trying to be somebody else,
trying to protect myself from getting hurt.
Perhaps it is better to strip it bare-
Base jump from buildings with just a tiny backpack of a chute.

But the man, he still let the balloon,
haul him up in the air, in a capsule pressurized
to save his life while tethered there.

And then a man jumped out of they sky,
and broke the speed of sound, and I just wonder
what your voice sounds like when it follows from  behind.

Is there less to be afraid of when you’ve made,
this great leap, when your brain is falling
far ahead of your tangled up words.

And the man who jumped out of the sky,
his chute deployed to catch him from going too fast,
and he sailed to ground, stuck the landing, and fell to his knees.

Because the man who jumped out of the sky,
the man who wanted to fly, and fall so free,
knows that it is the unshaken ground we so desperately seek.

We fall, so we can stand,
so we can brush the dirt from our hands,
right off onto our thighs.

We jump from the sky,
while the rest of the world holds their breath,
because we know, we know we survive.

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