Basketball is my allegory for everything.


The hardest part Papa – is that you and I haven’t always had the greatest relationship.  In retrospect this is most likely due to the fact that we are more alike than I’ve ever been willing to admit.  Pig headed, loud, and self involved– easy to anger, easily frustrated, easily distracted. But then, we have good things in common too. We know you need to work hard, and play hard. We like our music turned up in the car, we like to dance in kitchens, we both like a shot of tequilla now and again.  We read the paper from cover to cover. We like snacks.  We have passion, and conviction, we stand strong, if not rigid in our beliefs. We know that there is nothing in front of family – and that friends that have been kicking around since we were ten, or twenty something, are just like family too.  And, and, we love our sports teams.

UConn won the Big East – do you hear me old man, UConn won the Big East – do you get that – can you hear me – will you just open your eyes?

Remember when they won the NIT for the first time? Remember how that whole season you read me the paper on Sunday mornings replaying the last weeks highlights? Ha, the NIT, remember when that was a good thing? Remember that time I  was thirteen, and I was crying because Clemson was going to win. I know, we’ve said that story a million times. I’m glad uncle Jerry’s phone reached so you could actually see the shot.  Remember when we went to that accepted students open house at URI and Lynn paged us the score of the women’s championship all afternoon long, and how we caught the broadcast of it on the radio once we crossed the CT line.  Remember when you honked the horn the whole way through Windham and Coventry, and all the way home?

Remember all the papers you saved me for the year they won in ’99?  Or the Coke bottles you found me in ’04, when both the men and women won – that’s right Pop, no other school ever pulled that off – U. C. O. N. N. UCONN! UCONN! UCONN!  Papa, wake up, remember, please remember, please wake up.

They’re  in the West old man, and they’re going to have to get through Duke again if they want another bite at a title, just like that final game in ’99 or that final four game in ’04 – Pops can you hear me, can you kick that Pneumonia, can you get that fever down, will you just wake up?  I want to cheer with you – I want to know we can get through this madness. Papa. come back to us, please?  We have a lot more tourneys to get through.

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