Advice from English majors


She tells me, “one thing at a time”.
She believes that all stories
get the ending they are supposed to,
She has to.
Underneath the all-business facade,she is as much a romantic as anyone I know.
She prefers comedies to tragedies,
and Beatrice to Ophelia.

He tells me he’s a Transcendentalist,
but I fear Realism has made its way closer,
“Fuck Realism,” I said, one night.
When reality is all I can see,
“I want to live in a Tiny House in the woods”.
Thoreau said seek the path, and Emerson said the answers are inside.
But Crane painted us pictures that no one wanted to see.

I want everything at once,
and I want to trust my intuition.
I don’t want to be sensible and real anymore.
I want to follow Alice into Wonderland
I want, I want, I want,
to crawl into my books.

So we beat on, boats against the current,
borne back ceaselessly into the past”
I want a Gatsby ending.
I mean not the part where Nick is disenchanted,
and Gatsby  is floating face down in a pool.
But that hope part,
I’ll take that.

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